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Salem Witch Trials

Bridget Bishop: Witch or Widow

Bridget Bishop: Witch or Widow
Elizabeth Parris: The Afflicted
Judgement of the Accused
Judgement of the Afflicted
The Cause of Hysteria: Three Girls in Salem

This is a report done if Bridget Bishop had time to get a list of reasons why she was not a witch.

Honorable Judges Hawthorne, Sewall, and Stoughton,


         I am not a witch. I was borne in England in the year of 1640. In 1660, I was married through Christ, to George Wasselbe. Soon afterward we moved here to Salem, Massachusetts. When he died six years after our marriage, I grieved. Even though we fought over trivial things, we agree about our Lord and Savior. When I married again to Thomas Oliver, I never expected him to be so volatile. This is why we argued so much. His poor demeanor, along with his volitileness, angered me to the point of argument. Also look at his death. I was then accused of witchcraft and you were able to discern that I was not and am not a witch.My next choice for a husband should also be presented as evidence. I married Edward Bishop, who help found the Beverly Church. Why would a witch marry so close to God and his son Jesus? He often argued with me about interpretations of the Bible, saying that you must interpret the Bible loosely, while I argued that you must adhere to the Bible as strictly as possible. I wore my red bodice as a sign of the blood of Savior Jesus' sacrifice, and a black hat and cap in remembrance of his death. The restaurant I opened to hold devotionals within was maliciously called a tavern by some angry townsfolk. The same spirits that attacked those other poor souls attacked me as well and they looked just as I do. They were so powerful that, until now, in the presence of the Holy Lord in court, was I able to speak of them. These spirits were out to kill me by making me appear to be in compact with the Devil. Do not hang me, for I am not a witch


Bridget Bishop

We have warned you...